Wednesday, April 20, 2011

matching skirts for my girls

fold and cut fabric to right length and height. ( I measured a skirt they each had)
I put the elastic across the top and folded the fabric down to determine the correct width.
Pressed it down for easier sewing.
This is what it looked like when done sewing the waist band for the elastic.
Leave the ends open to feed the elastic.
I placed a safety pin on the end to feed it through the fabric.
Pull the end all the way through (make sure you don't let the other end come through as well) I bit the back end of the elastic so it wouldn't go through.
Turn the fabric inside out and sew up the side and hem the bottom.
I then added rick rack to the bottom for extra detain. 
I don't like using pins with rick rack so I just line it up along the bottom edge as I went along.
Here is baby B's
and Big B's
No outfit is complete without matching hair flowers. Tutorial on those next.


Ashley said...

I absolutely LOVE how they turned out! The fabric is perfect for them!

Melanie said...

Thank is SO cute! I wanna try sewing *eek* But I'm a little scared of it. YOu made this look super easy :) Following from the Creative Party hop!!

Camille said...

Thanks for the kind comments! I am following you back! I LOVE the skirts . . . that ric-rac is so cute. I might have to try these, if I dare! :) I am still trying to figure out my sewing machine. Ha ha!