Sunday, April 3, 2011

the perfect challenge

After watching a most uplifting General Conference this weekend I turned to the internet to see ways I could apply the principles I learned.  
  • look for pictures of the Temple I can hang in each of my childrens rooms. (lets face it, I don't have a million dollars to pick up three framed Temple pictures from Dessert Book.)
  • my role as a Mother in my family and how I can become better. 
  • time to take a real inventory as to where I am, where I want to be and the road to joining the two. 
As I was looking at a few of my favorite blogs, something on one of the sidebars caught my attention. 

I googled it and landed here
My prayer was answered, just what I was looking for. 
 Now I don't have to do this whole improve my motherhood skills alone!!! 
And it starts tomorrow, Monday, April 4th.
I encourage you to take the challenge and join the fun. 
Leave me a comment if you do. 

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