Monday, April 4, 2011

focused mom challenge week 1

Step 1: Tell a friend, spouse, significant other, brother or sister about your the adventure you are embarking on. Besides the online help, I need someone in my personal life who will help keep me focused. 

Step 2: Reminders around the house and my life to keep me focused. The picture above is to be placed on anything and everything that detracts me from being a "focused Mom". Do you remember "Mr. Yuk" from our childhood? 
 I remember getting these from school and helping my mom place them on all the poisonous items in the house. 
Well, that is what the road crossing sign is for. It will be going on my facebook profile pic, desktop picture and my phone wallpaper. 

Step 3: Make it a little harder to get to your distractions. If your distraction is your computer. Keep the baby off until you need to use it and turn it off again once you are done. 
The goal here is not to totally get rid of any and all distractions. (maybe in a perfect world) But, instead to manage them. 
Recap.  This is the easy part.  Look left, right, left.
  1. Admit you have a problem
  2. Plaster yourself with Mr. Yuk stickers
  3. Bury your Kindle in the backyard
Polly has this posted at the bottom of the posts for this challenge and I just had to add it.

Common Sense Disclaimer: This challenge does not provide or replace psychological treatment or evaluation.  Contact a psychologist in your community if you are in need of individualized services.

Happy Monday!!

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