Saturday, April 16, 2011

focused mom Challenge week 2 results

So I absolutely, 100% didn't focus on this task at all this week. Not out of spite or lack of ability. I just didn't do it! 
Am I a terrible mom? I hope not! 
I am not sure what happened. I am committed.
Granted our schedule was sent into a whirlwind. But, is that an excuse? 
I didn't spend hours on end with my distractions totally neglecting my children. But, I did get a bit lazy this week in not playing with them. I more or less was in the back ground watching them play. 
Which I learned is just as bad as spending time with my distractions. Because I was short, tired and withdrawn. (Not sure why. It was a good week, I worked out every day, the kiddos were good) Maybe it was the disagreements with extended family or the fact that some events occurred that really push my buttons  and get my feathers ruffled as a Mom. I just don't understand how Parents can think they are helping their children but they AREN''T  (I am not perfect, but rrrgggg)
I did however, put my phone in my purse behind my front seat of the car. This was great because I had conversations with my 4 and 2 year olds. We sang and danced to songs they love while I drove. 
I must admit, the driving around town was much more enjoyable, they were better behaved and I was less stressed. 
I continued week 1's challenge by keeping my distractions harder to access. Which has continued working (with only a few hiccups on my part)

This week I will focus on week 2 & 3.
The wonderful thing about life is I get to try again tomorrow (or right now)


Lori said...

I just wanted to remind you about Polly's Note #9 from Vicki Courtney, "Two steps forward and one step back is still progress." Give yourself some credit! = )

Polly said...

YOU DID AWESOME! You are being too hard on yourself. You listed off several things that you did to be more focused and less distracted this week. Great job. We all can't be perfect in it. I developed the challenge, and I'm far from perfect (for example, I'm sitting here reading your blog while my kids are in the other room watching tv on a perfectly lovely Sunday afternoon!). Two steps forward and one back is still progress! Glad to have you as part of the Focused Moms Challenge. Week Three starts tomorrow! Can't wait!