Monday, January 31, 2011

Organizing our family

As one of my New Year Resolutions I decided I was going to get our family all on the same page, to take the guess work out of what was going to be done each day. Who is going where and when, what there is to eat or where so and so's number is.

Thanks to How Does She 's post about organizing your home in one binder, I knew I had found an easy way {for me at least} to accomplish just that. 

After reading her post I started looking at the links she had posted and customizing my folder to fit my families needs and this is what I came up with: I used the four dividers she did, Calendar, Contacts, Cleaning and Cooking.

1st section: 

 I printed out each month from February to December from Organized Home and placed brads in each ring to keep the holes from ripping because I know I would rip them otherwise.
Next, I added a daily to do list which you can find here along with any other pages you need to add to your binder.
I also added a sheet that has a list of standing weekly appointments and conference calls for my husband.


This section has all emergency contact numbers, our ward list, my children's Pediatrician booklet with address, numbers and each of the DR's. in the office bio's, our Christmas card mailing list and a Christmas gift list I pulled out of a Real Simple Mag I had from a few years back. and a list of all our favorite restaurants and their number.
The printable address pages you can find here

3rd section:
This section is a work in progress. I have my daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists and as I get my routines down I will "Zone" my house {courtesy of FlyLady} and will have all those lists in there as well.

4th Section: 
In this section I will have my grocery shopping lists and all my coupons. I was going to add our menu's here as well. But, found a better way for me, which I don't have quite finished yet and will post about it when I get it in the next few weeks. It's AWESOME and I am EXCITED to get it!!! 

Again here is a list of all the sites and links I used to put my fun, fab, easy peezy to navigate family folder. 

How Does She "What every organized household should have"


Organized Home Printable pages for Household Binder

Monthly Calendar for 2011 by Organized Home

Special thanks to How Does She for being the inspiration behind this. It has already made my life so much easier and I have only had it finished for two days :)

My husband and I are starting P90X and I am putting little folders together for each which I will post about later. 

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