Monday, January 10, 2011

onsie dress

1. onsie-- any size
2. fabric--desired length full width
 I used my sewing machine to make a ruffle at the top. I didn't hem it because I am going for a worn look.
next I sewed the polka dot fabric to the onsie starting under one side of the armpit going all the way around.
Now turn the fabric inside out and sew the two sides together.
last hem the bottom to desired length and...

Your FINISHED! Super easy darling custom onsie dress. Now to make a matching fabric flower.

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Jennifer Dawn said...

I love making these. I actually sell them in my Etsy shop. Mine are sewn a little differently though. Maybe I make mine more complicated than they need to be. :)

Jennifer Dawn said...

Just got your reply. Thanks. Yours looks great. I love polka dots. :)