Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quiet Books

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus from my blog! I didn't realize how rapped up I got in the fabulous weather! Needless to say that it is SNOWING right now!! That's right SNOWING! So here I am back on the ole' blog-a-roo.
I found the most fabulous blog today as I was getting my Pinterest fix. It caught my eye because I have started looking for quiet book ideas. Boy, oh boy, does she have ideas!!!

I had a quiet book my Grandmother made me and I remember spending tons of time playing with it. Especially during Sacrament Meeting. It always seemed to pass the time quickly {as I am sure my Mom loved having me occupied}
To this day I am not sure where it ended up and have been wanting to make one for my kids. Now the task doesn't seem so daunting with this fabulous blog!
I think I might even have to try my trusty Silhouette with this project!

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Ashley said...

ooo! Sounds like fun! I definitely need at least 1 if not 2 quiet books! Thanks for the post