Saturday, October 15, 2011

painted house

This is what our house looked like when we moved in a few years ago.
Hidden by layers of trees and bushes...
Step one: Remove two larger than life pine trees
I thought these babies had birds living in them...
but, no...
an entire eco system
including BATS! YIKES!
Looking better, but just wait...
Step two: Remove largest bushes across the front of the house...
I am sensing this baby is really going to stand out...
But, I love that the house is now visible 
the bugs and spider populations just decreased drastically!!! 
Best of all...lots and lots of SUNLIGHT!!!
This girl will never turn down a fresh burst of Vitamin D! 
Now to get rid of the BLUE...
Step three: paint door black
I just love me a black door, especially for Halloween!
Step four: paint trim white and house brown. 
{I don't have the name colors but I will find them and add them to the post}
Much better! 
I love driving up to my house now!!! 
We are done this summer with outside projects....
but, the projects continue in the Spring with...
change direction of stairs to straight out
change light fixture
new windows 
flower beds 
window boxes
stone walk way to street
basketball hoop down
{sad day for the Hubs bc he played on this hoop growing up}
new fence

Do the projects ever stop? Probably not! But, I love seeing our house become our home!

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Aundrea said...

Looks great! What an accomplishment!