Monday, July 11, 2011

My workouts

new buttonI told you last month a little about my weight loss journey.
{read that here}
How far I have come
what I still need to do

This journey started in January.
I had a 6 week old baby,
a 2 year old
a 4 year old.

getting little sleep and eating terrible were the norm.
But, it all changed with a decision! That I am ecstatic I made!
I made the decision to
stop eating crappy {I do still slip}
Zumba 3x per week
just this month added running 3x per week.

There is one point I want to drive home!
I am a normal SAHM!
I don't claim to be an amazing athlete
{at least anymore}
But, I am blessed with the knowledge of fitness, being a college athlete it was kinda drilled into me.
and the determination and hard work ethic. {thank you Mom and Dad}

I have struggles, there are days I don't want to get up and workout. But, rather stay in bed and cuddle with the hunk of a hubby I have. In those moments of weakness I re-dedicate myself by thinking of the reasons I am doing this...
my husband and children
to be healthy

 I hop right out of bed!

Zumba is my love of the moment! It is fun, sassy and kicks my butt!
At the end of June I went to a play date with some new people and I mentioned I wanted to run in our little towns 5k in September. They all had run in it the year before and said I should start running with them. It kinda just fell in my lap {did I just say kinda?, haha yup!}
We meet at 7:30am and run around their block 3 times. Which is just shy of 3 miles!
I was so nervous before my first run. I am by no means a runner. I played softball for crying out loud! I was a sprinter not a long distance runner.
But, I had made up my mind, set a goal and was springing into action.
I am proud to say I did a pretty good job and I kept at it, running T.R.S.
This week we are running MWF and this morning we ran around 4 TIMES!!!

I am excited at how far I have come!

Me and my darling Miss B 7.4.
Next time I will post about how I have changed the way I eat.


Ashley said...

You are looking so Good!!! I love watching your progress! Just wish it could be in person. ;)

Aundrea said...

You are looking GREAT!!! Wish I had your motivation this time around. I'll get it eventually. Keep it up!!!

Camille @ Camille's Casa said...

Good for you!! You look fabulous, and I love those cutie kids of yours!!

Tiffany said...

Hi Miss Courtney! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog [Easie Peasie] to try out the finger paint recipe! Thank you for leaving me an awesome comment too! I'm so glad you I could come by and read your blog! Your weight loss is so inspiring!! I am so going to keep up with you and watch your progress!! You have done an AH-mazing job!! Thank you for having the courage to share you can encourage Mamma's like me to do the same!!

Tiffany @Easie Peasie