Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Easy money into diapers

Over the course of the last six months or so we have gone digital on our movies and don't need the lot of DVD's we had anymore With the exception of all the Disney movies, I collect them and want the hard copy.
We had sold most them to a few different movie stores where we live. But, I still had about 30 of them that I couldn't get rid of and a Seinfeld series I wasn't about to part with for 20 bucks.

Then I read a post from one of my favorite couponing blogs, Couponing to Disney, about trading in your old electronics, movies, video games and more to get extra cash. You can read the post here So, I thought I would give it a try. 
I decided to go with Amazon because I am part of the Subscribe and Save to save 30% on diapers and I could use the credit to buy diapers. I will trade movies I no longer use for diapers I need!

How the 30% discount works is:
that once you sign up for Amazon Mom, you save 15% off diapers and wipes. Then when you sign up for Subscribe and Save, you save another 15%, totaling the 30% discount.
Subscribe and Save is Amazon’s automatic order and delivery program. You order a subscription to an item and it gets automatically delivered to you at intervals you select – every month, 2 months, 3 months, or 6 months. You change the interval or cancel anytime. courtesy of Living Richly on a Budget

Off to Amazon I went!

1. I entered all my movies and a few games in and they were going to give me $129 bucks!! Oh YAY! Sign me up!!
2. I printed off the free shipping label, boxed up the DVDs and dropped it off at my UPS store.
3. Next comes the waiting part...which I am not really good at.
4. Today I checked my email and had one waiting with a break down of how much they gave me for each movie and game. It wasn't exactly as much as they originally quoted me, it was MORE!!!
Yay! Being a nazi about the DVD's paid off. I ended up receiving $134!!!

So here is the break down:
I got $134 for 28 movies 2 wii games and one xbox game {trade in program} remember Seinfeld I metioned earlier? They have me $70 for it!!
I signed up for Amazon Mom
and placed my order through my Subscribe and Save program to get auto shipped and 30% savings
I am receiving a box of 156 size 3 diapers every month for $26 and free 2 day shipping!!! That is $0.17 a diaper!!!

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Aundrea said...

That's awesome!!! I love Amazon! I buy my diapers & wipes only through them. HUGE money saver!! I just got my box of 174 count Pampers Swaddlers size 3 for $32! I didn't have a huge savings on the wipes, but I didn't have to spend gas $ so it's a savings to me. Tell me more about digital movies...Are they all just downloaded onto your computer?? Most of our disney movies are on VHS, which I won't be getting rid of anytime soon. Those have lasted longer than the DVDs the kids have. I HATE DVDs. The kids destroy them so quickly.