Friday, November 13, 2009

thankful #2&3

#3 My family. Since I am semi-combinding these today I am going to say my family. I love being the Matriarch of my little family. Sure, it has its challenges and some days I question it. But, I truely love my little family. My husband is amazing, he is my rock and isn't afraid to tell me if I am wrong (which I need sometimes) He loves me for who I am, good, bad and ugly. Since the day we met he has made me laugh every day. Such a blessing for me because some days I tend to forget. I am greatful to be married to such an amazingly strong man. He works hard for our family which allows me to stay home to raise my children.
#2 My children! They are the light of my life. I can't imagine having better children for me. P is so sweet and gentle hearted and B is a little princess. It amazes me how quickly she started acting like one. I always thought it wouldn't emerge until she got a little older. However, from the time she was born she has had to have everything just so, or she is ticked. My little P man just turned 3 and I love watching him gain is independence, except when I am in line at the store. He loves his little sis and watches out for her all the time. They are challenging and I struggle to be the best mom, but, i wouldn't trade them for anything in this world.

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