Tuesday, November 3, 2009

china hutch too much or grab up?

Being new to the whole thrift world I am not sure and need some help. I have been in the market for a china hutch to add to my dining room. But, am in no hurry to grab one. Craigslist has been my main go to as all the garage sales are done in my area for the winter. I don't know if I am Mrs. cheapo or if this is a low end price. She is asking $490. So, ladies, is this a good deal or too high for this piece? Click here to see the ad.

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Aundrea said...

to me, that is way too much! if you're not in a hurry & you don't LOVE it, then keep looking. you can find a way better deal than that. i got my brand new hutch clearance for $600. part of being frugal is being patient. good luck!