Friday, November 6, 2009

I heart these

I was doing some shopping for my son's birthday at and found these beauties! I think these would be amazing on my table. Especially with my new demask napkin rings I won from Trashy Treasure (I can't get my link button to work on this so her blog button is on my side bar or in the post below)


Jacey Autumn Photography said...

I LOVE the damask plates! I just saw them at Marshalls yesterday. I'm not sure what the proce is at target but for a set of 4 salad plates they were $6 I think...not bad!

Josh and Mikal said...

I have them.. someone was selling them at a yard sell and I got the whole set for 5 dollars... They made a bad pricing choice they are worth much more but they are beautiful and match my stuff really well.. only complaint is the bowls are more like plates.. they can't hold much but still worth it because they are cute.