Thursday, October 22, 2009


They gym I work at is closing the kids area and today all the employees from the "kids world" were able to get together and sort out what we wanted to take with us. Yes ladies, I mean FREE! I scored big time!!! puzzles, trucks, books, movies, interactive table, child's table, Hero's action figures, soccer ball, basket ball, shopping cart, some assorited baby toys, side walk chald, games, plus some more that I can't think of right now and my favoirtes...Pottery Barn style rocking chair and a huge shelving unit!!! Woot, woot! Plus I got a couch my mom is going to take. I was able to take the smaller items with me and the big tickets I will pick up on Saturday!! The rocking chair is in for a big make over. When I some of the girls asked me what I was going to do with such an ugly hunk of junk. I told them my plans and they all were bummed they didn't think of that. Aaawww how I love this trash to treasure hunt. It's so invegerating
I cleaned and sanitized the heck out of all the toys, added some batteries and Voila!!!

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Jenny said...

Score, way to get in on that! Seriously Merry Christmas kids!! We have that activity table..Hunter loves it.