Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chaa Ching Part II

The chairs that came with this little table are really unsteady, but, will work for now. I plan on ordering some from Ikea soon.
My son is super excited about this tool bench. Boy is it built for kids. My husband just layed it in the trailer and half way home it blew out onto the road. When we went to pick it up there wasn't a scratch on it!!! Thank you Little Tykes :)
This lovely lady is in dyer need of a make over. I am going to use the slip cover on it as a pattern for a darling fabric I have picked out. The rocker legs are coming off and being replaced with new feet from Home Depot. She will be a new woman and for only about $30!!
These shelves are beasty and need some new paint. The white cubbies are 100% out. However, I am not sure about loosing the red. I am going to paint the entire thing black and wait on the red ones until the end. If I like the way it looks, they will stay. Will see I even thought about doing the entire back red and the rest black. I'm not sure yet, so we shall see.
Gotta love FREE!!!

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