Monday, June 20, 2011

tiny hands

A little late but...
This is what I did for my Mom and MIL this year for 
Mother's Day.

  1.  1x12x6' board from HD
  2.  Rust Oleum Heirloom White spray paint
  3. 3 different Stampin' Up ink pads
  4. Silhouette and vinyl
  5. Canyon Black paint
  6. foam brush
  7. sanding block
  8. saw toothed hanger 
  •  I had my hubby cut two 19' long pieces.
  • sanded them down
  • painted the front and sides of board black
  • while that was drying I went to my Silhouette machine and cut the vinyl saying, my kddos names and ages."Grandma's hold my tiny hands for a little while but our hearts forever"
  • attached vinyl to sign.
  • spray painted with my go to Rust-Oleum Heirloom White
  • let dry for a few minutes and removed the vinyl
  • sanded down the edges a bit
  • let dry for a few hours
  • had each of the kids pick out a color of ink and stamped their hands on the board
  • attached a saw toothed hanger to the back for hanging. 
  • and VOILA! 

    1 comment:

    Chris J said...

    This Court's mom and I love, love ,love my tiny hands gift. When I received it I ran in, grabbed a nail and hung it right up. I know you all must be so jealous... I would be. Thanks Court. Love you ,,,,, mom