Friday, April 9, 2010

Firday Confessional #2

Starting things off with a little Disclaimer: I love my sweet husband and could not imagine my life without him and have absolutely no regrets of marrying him.

With that said...
I HATE living in the SNOW!

Playing it

But, I hate living in it.
the roads suck
people don't know how to drive (I don't either so I DONT)
it's too freaking cold
and I get super grouchy if I am indoors for a long period of time. 

You must realize I grew up in Gilbert, Arizona My blood is thinner than water and I LOVE being outside A LOT.
I could spend a few months dealing with the snow. But, come on, its April and we still can't go outside and play! Can we say Prozac, people!

The most time I ever spent in the snow was a day or two skiing in the Mountains. Then it was back home where it was nice and warm, ok even hot!

I miss having my AZ tan! The sun just doesn't do it for me in Idaho.
 (which is where my hubby is from)

Everything is so ugly right now...the trees still don't have buds on them, no flowers, no green grass...nothing

but brown dormant yuckiness!

Oh, yes, and I haven't mentioned yet that Tuesday morning we woke up to 6 inches of new snow on the ground. They had to cancel school because they took all the snow tires off of the school buses.. AARRRR!

Sigh,...deep breath... I'm ok

I feel a little better now. That was a much need Friday Confessional.

There are countless beautiful places to visit in Idaho. There really is some beautiful land up here. But, for me, more like the visit it, enjoy it and then go back to my big city, warm weather.

Happy weekend everyone!


Kat said...

If I had grown up in Arizona, I'd be missing it right about now, too! I am a new follower :)

Melissa said...

I am SOOO with you! The snow this past little while has been a freaking joke. I think mother nature's just showing off. My dream was always to live in AZ-I love love love me some heat. Instead I'm in a cold little town. What keeps me going is I hear the summers are amazing. I'm hoping that actually happens, all it ever seems to do around here is snow! So I feel ya.

Hope sunshine is on the way, for both of us! Thanks for playing!

sammy said...

i grew up in hot and humid san antonio texas. in the following years i spent time in buffalo ny, miami, dallas, and the new england area.

i feel your pain. i dont hate the snow, but the less i see the better. bring on the sunshine!

thanks for stopping by.