Saturday, April 3, 2010

fabric flower headband

I have seen these all over the place I love them. My little sister made me a cluster to wear with my Easter dress! They are so versatile and darling! I wasn't able to find any tutorials, I must be blind, so decided to google them. Maize in Montana was were I landed, she has a super easy tutorial to follow (which she did in August of 2007) Wow am I behind!
For step by step instructions on how to make these go over to her tutorial. She did a great job with pic's and commentary. But, here are how mine turned out. I used fabric I already had on hand. The black and white flower is left over from my living room curtains, the red and white from a dress I am making my daughter and the burlap I picked up at the Walmart scrap counter for $0.75 for a yard and a half.
This four pack of head bands (2 black &2 brown) I picked up yesterday at the Dollar Tree.
I used my trusty hot glue gun to attach the flowers to each other and then to the headband. I next took a 1"x3" grosgrain ribbon and hot glued that to the underside of the headband and the bottom of the flowers for some stability.

I am excited to wear it this afternoon to our family Easter party.

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Aundrea said...

i knew you would find something!! i didn't even start looking yet...sorry! that turned out really cute!! next, look into necklaces! my friend found a tutorial for really cute flowers that you singe & made an amazing necklace with them!

Staci J said...

I love the colors!! Super cute!