Monday, May 23, 2011

New Life...

Why? Do you ask? Did I change my blog. 
Well short answer...
I got bored and need a change. 
Long answer...
I want to start over with where I am taking my blog. 
My blog is evolving and I want to take it in a slightly newer direction. 
So, I started a new one, added a FB fan page and will be adding Twitter shortly. 
I don't in any way claim to be an amazing blogger with all the secrets to life. 
I just want a space to show off things I come across in blogland or anywhere else. 
Track my weight loss journey. {have plans to turn it into a Wednesday Party} Stay tuned! 
Blog about parenting challenges and the resolutions that seem to work for me and my family. 

Be patient as I learn all the new tricks of the trade and as we are under construction.
Start with Grabbing my new button and check back often for fun and exciting things!


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