Tuesday, May 18, 2010

wow...so I have been neglectful

I promise I haven't died. The last month has been a little tough...nothing bad. In fact great. I'm expecting a baby and have been dealing with first trimester funness :) I know its a good day if I have gotten me and my kiddos dressed. Life will be getting back toward normal in a few weeks.

We did have two 30+ ft tall pine trees in our front yard cut down.. This is the first of many taking out projects in the front yard. Before we even begin putting things back together. All the shrubs are coming out, the front steps are coming out and the current walk way. We will be putting in new cement stairs, facing out, raised flower bed along the longer part of the house, cement walk way to the drive way with large paver stones staggered to the street. a little porch with flowers in front of the living room window. Siding and new windows. Wow what a project.



Camille @ Camille's Casa said...

What a cute little house you have! Can't wait to see more of your cute ideas, and congrats on the little one!

Rebecca said...

Wow! That's awesome.

Ashley said...

It looks wonderful!!!