Monday, February 8, 2010

deals #1

I have been wanting to try the glass baby bottles but have shyed away from the outrageous price tag. I was at Target a few weeks ago and found this three pack on clearance for $2.98! Score
This morning I went grocery shopping to pick a few things up. Formula being on the top of the list I headed over to the dreaded isle. I had two buy 2 get $5 off (which are always a plus and making the purchase a little less painful) As I approached the spot I noticed they were on sale and had the 20% more cans too.
So, drum roll please...Normal price $18.99
Sale price $16.99
coupon $5 off 2
BONUS: when I got home I noticed $3.00 off each can on my next purchase!!!
Regular price for 4 25.7 oz cans= $75.96 + tax
Today's price for 4 28.8 oz cans= $57.96 + tax + $12.00 in coupons
Like paying $45.96!!

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