Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas projects

My sister has been eying this toy chest in my moms basement for ages. My little bro was using it as a stash all when he cleaned his room. It was unfinished and hiding in a corner. I emptied it out hulled it up stairs, disassembled it, sanded it down, 3 coats of paint (it just sucked it up and I will always use a primer from now on) and stain brushed on and wiped off. Dang I loved this piece too and knew right where I would put it if I were to keep it. Since I loved it so much I knew my little sis would too. I left it dissembled because she was coming up from Utah in her Accord and I knew it wouldn't fit in the trunk. She was so excited about seeing it put together she assembled it until she left a few days later. Huge success! I love this game.

I found this clock at Ross before Christmas for 10 bucks. I purchased it with the intention of painting it black and giving it to my sister-in-law. However when I got it home I noticed a little chip at the bottom of the clock face. Part of me was sad because I new she would love it all dolled up. But, now I could keep it because I knew just the right place for it and the chip would go undetected. Oh, well Merry Christmas to me! I love the way it turned out, but I am not in love with the way the face looks. It will be getting a new face when I decide how the rest of the wall is going to look.

I purchased these sticks at Ti Pan a few years ago and displayed them in a few different ways. I wanted something new so, I decided to brake them in half. I like the way they turned out but I am thinking of spray painting them white and glitter on top of that. Not sure...they are a work in progress.


Aundrea said...

it all looks really great, court! keep it up!

Camille @ Camille's Casa said...

Love the clock! I need to start using black spray paint more eh? Glad to see you're back to updating your blog, p.s. you need to make a button so we can link up. Take care!

All Thingz Related said...

The clock looks SO good! Made it look worth more!
~Bridgette {allthingzrelated}